What To Expect At Your Family Session

Families are probably the most difficult, yet most fun lifestyle sessions I do. Probably my favorite. Wrangling up your little ones can be quite a feat but nothing I can't handle. I find myself smiling at the computer as I edit your images because, how can you not smile when you captured little children laughing? However, its not always easy and there are some things you can do ahead of time that will make the session flow so smoothly.

Papas, Dads + Husbands

Listen up. I know you don't want to be here. You're probably not as eager as Mom is. But, I promise you it'll be less painful than you think. In the next couple of years you will be happy we were able to capture you and your family in a way that cellphones just don't cut it.

So please, cut Mama some slack and play along for the time we have booked. I promise you'll look at the images and be glad you had them done.

Mamas, Moms, + Wives.

You got this. You've probably been racking your brain with what to wear, where to shoot. You're probably worried about how the kids are going to act. Stop. Don't worry. You got this. I am here to help. If the kids don't want to listen, don't sweat it. We'll let them run wild and get some fun action shots until they calm down. If you're worried about how you look, don't! You are beautiful and once you see your own smile on camera, you won't care what you looked like. It will be a lot smoother than you think, I promise.

The Kids.

Your kids will be kids. Plain and simple. I won't force them to sit still and expect them to smile on queue. We will let them run free and I promise that will make for more authentic photos. I'll place you, the parents, into place and then I will direct the kids. This way, you will both be ready with a smile once I get the kids to laugh or smile. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that usually work. Allowing me to try and get genuine smiles and laughs will normally be more beneficial. And parents, as a last resort, you can always give a little encouragement with some good ole fashioned bribery. Snacks and ice creams are always my go-to!

I am excited to capture your family in an authentic and loving way.