You said YES'!

You said YES'!

Now What?

First things first, we take amazing photos of you two love birds! If you are frazzled with excitement, here is a little guide to help you organize your first steps.

Where should we shoot?

There are tons of great spots near by, however none as special as the spot you had your first date, where they proposed to you, your wedding venue, or any other location that means something to you both. A sandbar, a coffee shop? We can even do some fun sessions doing some of your favorite activities- cooking together, painting, working out, whatever it is that makes you, YOU. You can also view some location ideas here.

We're so awkward!

If I haven't heard this 20 times, I haven't heard it yet. Everyone feels so awkward in front of the camera. It's normal. The way I pose you is by not really posing you. I know that sounds scary but, hear me out. All I do is give subtle directions that will help bring out the fun, laughing, loving you. For more info on posing, view my posing guide here.

What To Wear

What To Wear

The burning question...

"What am I going to wear??"


for hers

This is your opportunity to dress up! There is no such thing as getting too dressed up when it comes to engagement photos. If there is dress, skirt, tulle skirt, or accessory you've been wanting to wear but did know when, do it now! I love how long flowy skirts and dresses look on camera. They can be so much fun to photograph! We can create some whimsical shots.

for hims

Same for the men! DRESS. IT. UP.

A nice tailored suit will look amazing on camera. Wearing a sport coat, a blazer, or jacket with a different colored pant to mix it up also looks great! Adding a nice watch, bow tie, pocket square, suspenders, fun colored socks, or any other detail adds fun to your images.

for thems

This is where you want to coordinate your outfit color scheme. I recommend neutrals. Start with a base color such as tan, taupe, grey, or white and add some pastel or muted tones. You don't need to be matchy-matchy. I want some depth and dimensions so we can tell limbs apart. Adding some soft subtle patterns and mixing up lights and darks will keep the photos visually interesting.

We have a more in detail guide on what we recommend to wear to your session. View the guide here.

For help with styling outfits...

Julie-Anna at Lady Like Life Shop is my go-to stylist for ideas and outfits. She has something for everyone and is happy to help shop and style you for our branding session! Fill out your own personal styling form below.

Fill out the form here

Location: House of Refuge Beach, Stuart

Things to keep in mind...

  • I highly recommend getting your ring professionally cleaned before our session. This way there’s that extra sparkle when doing close up details of your ring.
  • If we're at a beach, I may ask you if you want to jump in the water! If you're up for it, bring your bathing suit, a towel and a change of clothes.
  • For those who will be wearing make up or having hair done on your wedding day, an engagement session is a perfect time to do a trial run. Seeing your make up on camera can help you make any changes before your wedding day. If you need recommendations, let me know as I work with a few different hair and make up artists.
  • It's a good time to practice being in front of the camera. Having an engagement session is a good way to loosen up and calm the nerves of being photographed before the big day. Working with me prior to the day will help me know what poses work, and will make you more at ease.
  • Engagement photos are great for invitations and Save-The-Dates! You can use your images we take to send out to guests. They're also great to have printed for Wedding Showers or Bachelor/ette Parties! If you need some, I offer prints and wedding cards.
  • Fun little bonus: schedule a date night after our session! You're already dress up and looking fancy, so capitalize on it and take it as an opportunity to have a date night!

Lastly, just have fun. Let go and enjoy the day to get dressed up and laugh with your partner.