first things first

I get it. Weddings are damn expensive. Things add up and budgets get forgotten. But here is the reality…

Weddings are a luxury item and come with luxury costs.

Now you might be thinking, “Damn, Jess that’s a bit harsh”. And although it is, my service to you is to keep it real and be there for you even if it means I have to be honest. (You can ask my friends... I’m not the sugar-coater in the group, ha!)

The average cost of weddings is around $27,000. That’s a lot of money to spend on one day and not remember it 5, 10, 20 years from now. That’s a lot of planning and saving and coordinating. There are a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that go into planning a wedding.

So my point is, why would you plan such an event and not make sure you remember it?

It’s All In The Details

It’s All In The Details

I know how tempting it is to ask Aunt Molly to photograph the ceremony from her iPad but hear me out…

I’ll be there for every detail.

When we work together, we’ll plan a wedding timeline that usually will allow me to be there before the ceremony. Whether it’s for the Prep Photos or a First Look, chances are you and I will be together long before you and Aunt Molly will be. I’ll also have access to lots more details like your bouquet, the rings, the venue, etc. than most guests do which will allow me to capture every last detail.

I have The Eye.

And the gear. Us photographers are known for our talents on how to frame a shot just right. Or how to set our setting through out the day to account for lighting changes. Or to have a lens that can both capture the entire scene, and then within seconds zoom in to capture just you and your bae dancing nose to nose. Aunt Molly’s iPad can’t do that. I know what to capture and how to do it to leave you lasting memories of such an important day.

This is it.

More than likely this will be your one and only wedding day. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but it will FLY by. I’ll be shooting your Prep Photos and before you know it, we’ll be setting up your Grand Exit 10 hours later. Even as a photographer, wedding days fly by.

In order to have memories of the big day, it’s important to work with a photographer who will be there for you making sure to collect every last detail and do it well. I take pride in what I do and I know the magnitude of a wedding day. I get just how big of a deal it is to a lot of people and I make sure to get the best and most perfect photos because of it. When you sit down with your future partner, be sure to plan a good amount of your budget towards a photographer.

So listen…

You’ll forget whether the cake was good or not, but you will have the memory of how the baker put a small detail version of you family dog on it.

You’ll forget what song your cousin Dave was dancing to, but you will have a photograph of him in the center of dance circle with everyone cheering him on.

You’ll forget parts of what your Maid of Honor said in her speech, but you’ll have an image of you both in tears embracing each other.

You’ll forget what joke the officiant cracked, but you’ll have a shot of every one laughing at it.

I’ll make damn sure you have those memories.