Hi. Bonjour. Ciao.

My name is Jess.
Married to one awesome guy.
Mother to two beautiful humans.
A bit of a wanderer.
A bit of a perfectionist.
Self proclaimed Coffee Enthusiast.
Born in The Great North. Montreal, to be exact.
I'm half Canadian, half Italian.
I speak fluent French. And broken Italian.
Dogs over cats all day, every day.
The Office fan.

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my goal

For me, photography is the embodiment of an emotion. A piece of time you can physically touch in form of a photo. It’s making the intangible, tangible. I want to create tangible memories for you and your family. My goal when we work together is to photograph you in a way that when people look at the image they instantly feel your presence.

my style

My style is timeless. That's it. I keep true to the colors and ambiance of the day, with a bright and warm tone. I don't just slap a filter on it and call it a day. I take time to edit each image individually so that they’re everything you wanted and more. I want the first thing that you see to be the emotion, not the editing. I want to make sure that your memories stay beautiful no matter what the trend is.

A little history Of me!

How did I get my start?

Honestly, it all started senior year (14 years ago...holy sh-). I needed an elective course and one of those option was Photoshop Class. I literally got my start learning how to edit images before ever being interested in taking them. Then, I had the opportunity to take up some modeling courses. What I realized while working with the photographer was that I was more interested in "getting the shot" then I was seeing myself in the images. I started working for a well known photography company down south as an editor in the summer after high school.

Fast forward to years later when I was gifted a camera. I practiced taking pictures in my room. I'd practice different exposures and apertures while sitting on my bed. I'd take pictures of anything. Like literally. I was photographing my ceiling fan in the dark, trying to learn about long exposures and how cameras worked. I spent nights practicing light painting with lasers. And holy shit, I was actually good. I started doing the odd job here and there for friends and family.

When I started college, I majored in photography. I took a course on how to develop film in the dark room (which was absolute bomb and amazing!). When I met my husband I moved up to Port Saint Lucie and got a job working along side a photographer as an assistant. I even worked at a photo print shop part time. I also got a seasonal job photographing dance student at different dance schools all over Florida. (Workaholic much?)

I basically threw myself into it. And all the while continuing to build my own business that you see here now. I worked hard teaching myself and learning all that I could. And I am so proud of the business and quality of photos I am able to offer to my clients. It really is something I adore doing.

On set of a dance school job.

Me, circa 2010 trying to model. *insert eye roll*

The teacher who started it all: Mrs. Howard.

Me, on a job as an assistant to a photographer.