Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel?

Absolutely, I do! I am based out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. But I love to travel! I service all of Florida and beyond. With traveling, there is a travel fee depending on where. But travel fees can be worked out case by case. I love to see new places, and experience new things so reach out for any and all destination weddings!

Do we get the RAW images?

The short answer, no. But let me explain...

Raw images usually need to be processed through imaging software, even just to open the files. The images also need to be color graded and exposures corrected in order to achieve the style and image that reflects my style. So when you see a raw file, it will look drab and flat. And not at all what you're going to want.

And lastly, these image files are extremely large. We would need to deliver these photos through an external hard drive at the clients cost, and believe me those suckers get pricey. Basically, its like sitting down at the restaurant and ordering only the raw meat and ingredients for the dish- not the completed meal itself.

Do I have to print through you?

No, but the quality and color of the images may vary. I am not responsible for the quality if you use an outside printer service. I've hand selected the printer service I use myself and have trusted and used them for my own personal photos.

You're amazing! How do we book you?

You can go to the contact page and fill out the form. Then I'll reach out via email or phone call so we can meet in person or via Zoom to go over the session or wedding. We can meet at a local coffee house - always on me!

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes! Your love is your love, and everyone deserves it. I photograph any and all humans who want to celebrate the joy you have for each other. With me, you will always have a safe space.

When and how do we get our photos?

I know you will be anxious for the photos. And trust me, I'll be anxious to get them to you! But like anything, it takes a bit of time to perfect the work. In most cases, for weddings you’ll receive your gallery within 6-8 weeks. And as always, some sneak peeks within 24hrs!

I will deliver your photos in a private online gallery. You'll enter your email address to have access. In the gallery you'll be able to favorite your images, so always use the same email. Once you've made your final selections, you can let me know and at that point, I'll send you a download link.

Who keeps copyright to the images?

As the photographer of the images, I retain copyright of all the images. You will receive a print release which allows you to print images for personal use. You may also share images between friends and family. If ever a magazine or publication wants to feature your wedding (yay!!), forward them my information before sending images. I am always happy to share work but there are terms that need to be laid out between the publication and I.

What happens if it is supposed to rain?

So we live in Florida and the weather changes by the hour. If it is projected to rain on your wedding day, I usually bring 2 clear bubble umbrellas. They make for some cute bride and groom photos. As far as for the wedding party, we can work out a plan for photos and I can make some recommendations on what to do or get. But don’t sweat it. Photos in the rain can make for some of the most romantic images ever!


One thing about me is I love discovering new places and new cultures. I have shot in Florida, Tennessee, Canada, and various areas throughout Italy.

There isn't anywhere I would not go for our sessions. Getting married in Bali? I'm there. On vacation and want portraits done while visiting Paris? Let's goooo.

I've got you.

the Travel Breakdown

You're probably wondering..

"What if I live outside of Florida?"

Well, lucky for you I can travel! And I love traveling. Anywhere local is already included in the package prices. I consider "local shoots" anything within a 1 hour radius of where I'm located in Port Saint Lucie.

For "non-local" Florida weddings...

There is a travel fee of $0.75/mi for anything within a 1-3 hour radius from Port Saint Lucie, FL. Anything over 4 hours driving, there is a flat $800 fee for mileage, food and 2 nights hotel stay. One night prior and one the night of the wedding.

For weddings out of state...

I'd fly to get to anything outside of Florida. This state is so long, it takes 5+ hours just to drive OUT of it. So taking into account airfare, car rental, food, and 3 night hotel stay, there would be a travel fee of $1800. International travel is on a case by case basis.

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