There are so many great areas to have your session in Florida and beyond. Here are a few that I've shot at and that have become my go-to's. To view there each location is, click on the names of the location!

Please note that the following locations will include travel fees.

Pan's Garden, West Palm Beach

This garden is a very small and quaint garden with adorable landscapes. It's got a super cute wall and beautiful architecture. There is a fee of $250 and closes at 4pm. You can view more information here.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, North Palm Beach

It's got some hiking trails and great old florida vibes. There's also a beautiful bridge across the river that leads to the beach. There is a bit of walking involved. The trails are pretty wagon/stroller friendly if you have young children. But along our walk we'll come across each spot to photograph until we get to the beach. There is a $5 fee per car to enter.

Treetops Park, Davie

Much like Riverbend Park in Jupiter, if you want greenery, then this is your spot. There is a beautiful lake that gives the illusion that you are somewhere up north with all the different evergreens. This is perfect for engagements, and small or large families. There is an entry fee of $1.50/person.

Vizcaya Museum and Garden, Miami

This location is an absolutely gorgeous garden with historical buildings and rich architecture. Get a bit of both nature and architectural look with this stunning location. This venue makes for romantic engagement photos. There is a permit fee starting at $250 plus tax. For information on their fee breakdown, visit their website here.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery, Miami

Similar to Vizcaya, this is a historical location and a bit smaller but just as beautiful. This gives off the same romantic vibes and is a great option for engagements. This location has a permit fee of $350. For more information you can view their website.

Shelby Farms Park, Memphis, TN

Tennessee holds a special place in my heart. I have a handful of friends that live all over in Tennessee and being in the mountains is my home. This park in particular had these beautiful rolling hills that made the perfect countryside backdrop.

Northern Italy

If you’re ever planning a Northern Italy trip, I’m your girl. I have family in parts of Northern Italy. I also speak the language and can be a great tour guide for you. I know of many scenic locations that’ll make your elopement or portrait session stand out. I've shot near Turin, Milan, and Lake Como.

Old Montreal, Canada

This Downtown Montreal is both historic and has the perfect city touch you're looking for! I just loved the cobble stone road and old architecture to add character!