You've had the night of your life.

You married your best friend.

You celebrated with all your closest family and friends.

The love in the air is physically tangible.

But, alas, it is time to end the night and you want to end it with a bang.

Quite literally.

Your Grand Exit

There are a few ways to have your Grand Exit that don't involve exploding pigeons (there's a reason they banned throwing rice at weddings). The planning of a wedding takes hours and usually is only focused on the ceremony and reception. The end of your reception is often overlooked or forgotten about. If you have a strict end time, its a great way to signal to guests that the night is ending. It also avoids you standing alone in an empty venue as your guests dwindle out.

Save The Last Dance

One way to end the night is to save one last dance for you and your person. You can either include your guests or just dance the both of you alone of the dance floor. It'll be one more moment between you both to enjoy.

You're The Sparkle Of My Eye

This one is a fan favorite- and with reason! The lighting from the sparklers and the fun party vibe just screams celebration. And there's nothing more special than being surrounded by your friends and family cheering you on into your new life together.

Party Tunnel

Shooting sparklers during the day just doesn't have the same effect. So if your grand exit is during the daytime, having you both run through a tunnel made by your guests is also a great option. You can get such fun, raw expressions while doing this because, who doesn't like running through a tunnel!? Another fun add on for daytime Exits is to add bubbles! This is also an environment-friendly option as it doesn't litter the venue or area. And it's almost guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face!

Pop the Bubbly!

Another daytime favorite is to pop some champagne over a tower of glasses. There's nothing more exciting than popping a bottle and spraying everyone!

Other fun options....

  • Fireworks or Flameless Sparks Machine (where permitted)
  • Eco-friendly confetti throwing (bird seeds, sprinkles, lavendar, or flower petals)
  • Glow Wands
  • Balloon Toss
  • Release Sky Lanterns
  • Throw Leaves for fall or Artificial Snow for winter
  • Smoke Bombs/Wands
The Getaway

Once you have your Grand Exit with your friends and family, your Getaway can be just as fun! The Getaway is just that- driving off into the sunset with your love, figuratively speaking of course. You can run off however you want! Some fun options are renting a vintage car or a even a Vespa and riding off! If you're more of a motorcycle (or even bicycle!) kind of crowd, taking off on one can be show stopping! If you are getting married by a body of water and you have your sea legs, then rowing off in a rowboat or sailing off on a boat is another amazing getaway.

If any of these sound amazing, I am happy researching rental options so we can make this happen!

Every aspect of your wedding day should be special, even the good byes. Let's get to planning and make it one of a kind.