One of the biggest issues I come across with clients is that they think they are awkward.

"We've never done this!"

"We are the most awkward people!"

"We're going to need your help!"

"We have no idea what we're doing!"

First of all...

Your job is not to know what to do, that's my job. You're job is to show up and have a damn good time!

I simply document your interactions with each other. I tend to be more hands off. But I do have prompts to get you enjoying the moment and getting the most raw and genuine expressions.

Listen to the Prompts.

One of the biggest way that I get my clients comfortable is by offering prompts. Prompts are things I want you both to do physically. This will get some really true and genuine emotions Some prompt ideas you'll hear me say are...

  • “Whisper your grocery list in your sexiest voice”
  • “Play tag”
  • “Make little circles with your nose on their cheeks”
  • “Smell their hair” This one always cracks people up.

These prompts are meant to get you to loosen up and help you know where to place your hands, or how to stand and embrace each other. I use these also to help take the pressure off of you both. All you need to do it show up to our session and leave the rest up to me- that's my job!

Embrace the silliness.

I cannot stress this enough! We are not hear to judge you. Trust me. I will be smiling and laughing because ya'll are so damn cute! Clients that book with me want natural and authentic images that capture the love you both have, even when it's intimate and silly.

You are here to celebrate your love for each other. There is a level of fun and silliness involved and I want to showcase that. I want you to be unapologetically you. So let him twirl you in his arms. Let her tickle you a little. Let them psst psst psst in your ears to get you to laugh. Embrace your laugh, and all your faces, and all that is you!

Have fun with Movement!

If I say "run around and play tag" I mean just that- run around playing tag with each other. If prompt you to pick her up and swing her, swing her like there's no tomorrow! Movement is a great way to get you relaxed and less stiff. It also creates more romantic and cinematic moments to capture. You'll forget there's a camera around and get joking and smiling faster and more easily.

No matter what...

I hope you go into our session or wedding relaxed and ready to laugh. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera and that's absolutely fine. What I do for you is just let you have a great time while capturing it all. My goal for you is to capture your true selves. I want your photos to reflect your essence. Because these aren't just your photos.

They are your memories.

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