Ask yourself why are you hiring me in the first place.

this moment is so important

Whether it be a family session, a wedding, or the birth of your child, this event you are wanting documented is important to you. Or else, let's be honest, you wouldn't have called me, right? Don't let our session wither away in the deepest darkest depths of your hard drive. Find your favorites and display the love that was captured as little bits of joy all throughout your home. Or in an album you can go through to relive your emotions. Because, that's what my job is. It is to create memories of love.

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Let Your Important Memories Decorate Your Home

As photographers, we love photos and memories and nostalgia and everything else that goes along with stopping a moment in time. That's why we do what we do. There is nothing more important to me than remembering the emotion that was shared. Emotions are intangible things that cannot be seen or touched. Unless you have your photos printed.

I may be aging myself here but growing up, when we had school trips we would all run out to buy disposable cameras so we could save our memories. I have shoe boxes full of old photos sitting under my bed and in our garage. Every now and then I find them and start going through them. I momentarily get transported to St. Augustine in 8th grade, awkward with braces but having the time of my life with my three best friends. Now.. are these boxes collecting dust and taking up space? Yes, absolutely. Am I suggesting you print every single photo from our session to keep them in a box under your bed? Definitely not. I am suggesting printing a handful of images that mean something to you- a photo with your fiance at your favorite coffee shop; a close up of your newborn's little itty bitty feet; a shot of your kids all huddled around your legs laughing, or anything else that means something to you.

Reasons To Print Your Photos

Acts Of Nature

We really hope that you should never have to go through anything devastating like any acts of nature. However, in the event that you do, you hear stories of people grabbing their wedding album. It's because you cannot grab your entire computer or your hard drive. It's a lot easier to grab a small album and head out. Another small scale act of nature is when your computer crashes. Unless you pay for a backup service, you've lost your memories.

Conversation Starters

Imagine that friends are visiting and they see your "Family Vacation" or wedding album casually placed on your coffee table. Albums and print books are great ways to start conversations and to share stories with friends and family. It can also become an heirloom for generations to come. Passing your history in album form to grandchildren and their children is an amazing priceless gift that starts with you.

Little Bits Of Joy

Framing your prints on your walls is probably my most favorite reason for printing your prints. Canvases and floating mounts are always a pretty way to show off your love. An old fashioned framed print can give so much more character to a home. Its a less-than-permanent way to decorate and update your home. Lastly, when it randomly catches your eye and makes you smirk is just a happy little bonus.

And to top it all off...

If you plan an album, you can leave the designing to me! Putting together an album can be such a daunting task: Where do you begin? Which photos do you want to use? How many pages? How do you even begin to design an album for it to tell a story?

Well, the good thing for you is that this is what I do! Leave it to me to take the time to organize, design and tell your story. I have experience putting together albums that flow and keep that emotion you had when we photographed you. All you will have to do is approve the design. If there's something you want changed, no worries. We'll work together so it's perfect just how you want it.

professional prints, albums and products


Starting at $400

Albums are made from premium leathers and clothes, as well as high quality photo paper. Each page is sturdy with customizable thickness. Pick and choose your album design and leave the photo designs up to me. Receive your album within days.

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

Ralph Hattersley