That Florida life, amiright??

Most locals are familiar with how not so sunny the Sunshine State might actually be. Being that this state is in the tropics, we get a lot of passing rain showers. One minute you'd swear there's a hurricane, and then the next we're back to beautiful sunshine. And when I say minutes, like, I literally mean minutes.

So what do we do if it's scheduled to rain? I say, if your up for a fun adventure, let's do it. Rainy Day sessions have easily become some of my favorites. The fun you have dancing in the rain with your partner makes for some really adorable candids.

Of course I would never force you to take photos in the rain. Especially, if it is unsafe to do so. If you've got your mind set on a location or vibe, you will always have the choice to reschedule to a sunnier day or we can find a location indoors.

Embrace it.

Even though rain on your session day may be a bit disappointing, it doesn't have to ruin it completely. Embracing the moment with your partner and will make for some amazing memories and stories to share later on.

Have Fun.

This goes hand in hand with embracing the moment. Have fun with it. Let him twirl you in the rain. Allow her to kiss you while you slow dance. Let yourselves enjoy the moment together.

Trust The Process.

Doing something out of the box will lead to amazing shots! This will get people talking and will be a whole different take on photos.

Be Prepared.

If we are scheduled to shoot in the rain, come prepared. If you have rain boots, now is your chance to wear them! Wear clothes that will keep you cozy or won't get ruined in the rain. If we're at the beach, I would definitely recommend wearing a bathing suit underneath! Bring a towel and change of clothes with you for after the shoot. I have clear umbrellas that I have with me but if you have rain coats or your own umbrellas you want to use, bring those as well.