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Something I see businesses struggle with is CONTENT. In the age of technology that we live in, good content is key to reaching new and potential clients. You can have all the greatest ideas in the world but if you fall short on the content, it can be a real struggle to stand out.

Good quality content can do wonders, especially on social media. Sharing your brand story through a series of images will connect you better to your clients. Most of us love to connect with others on a personal level- this is how.

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How many pictures will we receive?

You will receive all the usable edited images. I don't limit the number because there is a purpose for every image! I will not include, however, any awkward facial expressions, blurred images, or under/over exposed images. Other than that, the images are all yours!

Do you offer payment plans?

I do! I offer personal payment plans to fit your needs. We can speak about this on our Zoom call. I also offer a subscription plan for those that need consistent branding images year round. View the pricing below for more information on package options.

Do I really need a branding session?

In short, yes.

If you want to come off as professional then I highly recommend having a branding session. It's not to say that you are not professional if you don't have professional content. What I am saying is having streamline consistent images will elevate your business and make you stand out against the rest.

How long will it take to get photos back?

Usually I can get photos done within 2 weeks. However with the busy seasons in the year, the latest I can get them to you is in within 4 weeks.

How should I dress for the session?

So I would recommend wearing clothes that are within your brand colors. But I would recommend either a neutral version of these colors or just neutrals in general. I go over what to wear in my style guide below.

What if I have I don't have Brand Colors?

If you are just starting out and you haven't figured out your colors, don't sweat it! We can just shoot in neutrals. This way when you do find your brand look, the images will blend easily. Usually whites, tans, beige, or blacks work nicely.

Once you do figure out your colors, we can always schedule another session for any updates!

How can I use my images?

I love this question! You can use your images for EVERYTHING. Reels, About Me Sections, your website, filler content on your social media, profile pictures, advertisements, business cards, podcasts, even Christmas cards... the possibilities are endless!

What do you need from me?

Once we book, I'll send over a questionnaire that will help me understand what you need and what your goals are. I will also be needing a Shot List from you. This is what poses and shots to make sure I get at our session.

For help with styling outfits...

Julie-Anna at Lady Like Life Shop is my go-to stylist for ideas and outfits. She has something for everyone and is happy to help shop and style you for our branding session! Fill out your own personal styling form below.

Fill out the form here

The process


In the first steps, you can reach out here to fill out my contact form. I'll then email you a questionnaire. We can set a time for a Zoom consultation call to go over your answers.


This is the fun part! We'll plan your vibe and find a location. We'll go over a shots list and what your goals are. This will let me know what to make sure I capture at our session.


The day of the session, we'll laugh it up and have a blast! Afterwards I'll send over the gallery of finished images within 2-4 weeks. Happy posting!

Some of My Work

Branding Packages

The Entrepreneur


A one time branding session lasting 1 hour. We'll schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to go over vibe and goal for your session. You'll receive a questionnaire so I can understand what the purpose of your session is. You'll also receive a styling and a location guide. You'll receive all the edited images via an online gallery. This package includes one location. This can take place at your store, in your home or office, or at a location nearby.

The venture


The Venture package includes everything The Entrepreneur Package offers but we will shoot for 2 hours. This allows us to shoot at more than one location. If you have an office or a shop but also want outdoors images, this is a great option. It also gives time for product images and any outfit changes you have planned.



most popular!

Elevate your business's stock image game by subscribing to The CEO Package. This subscription includes 3 Venture Package sessions throughout the year for always updated images. By subscribing, you'll be saving $100 per session - $300 yearly!