The Age Old Question...

"But, what would I weeeaAar?"

*insert The Grinch meme here*

If you get that reference, you're already my bestie. If not, I'll explain later. ;) So, you're ready to show up for your business by getting some bomb ass lifestyle headshots done but have no clue what to wear? Welp, that's where I come in. You don't have to run out and get the latest and greatest, unless you want to. But honestly, it's not a necessity. Let's deep dive into it!

Let's start with colors...

spoiler: it's neutrals.

If you have brand colors, that's great! If you don't, that's also great! Either way, we're going to stick to neutrals with pops of colors. If your brand colors are white, black, and yellow, I would suggest wearing either black or white. This way you can use your images for a variety of things where colors clashing won't be an issue. Sticking to neutrals is also the best way to get a classy look. We can always have a fun second outfit or add some colorful accessories for that pop of color.

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Wear classic pieces.

Stick to a more classic articles of clothing that you'd wear all year around. The idea of this shoot is to create versatile content that you can use in a multitude of different areas. If you're shooting in the fall/winter, I'd say to wear a simple short sleeved blouse with slacks, and add a blazer or coat on top. If we're shooting in the spring/summer, you could wear the same top with a midi skirt.

Add trendy accessories.

This is where you can show your style and personality! Going with the same example in the previous section, you could add some statement jewelry or a bag. And for the spring/summer outfit, you could wear your favorite sunglasses or add a colorful headband to the outfit. With the accessories is where you could add in your brand colors- the bright blues, fuscias, or yellows!


So for your fall/winter outfit, a coat or blazer would be a perfect layer to an outfit. During the coarse of the shoot we'd end up with it in your arms, or draped over your shoulders, and then eventually gone altogether to add variety to your images. And for the spring/summer outfit, a light sweater or shawl is another great way to add color and versatility to your session.

More Tip & Ideas


Patterns are always a great way to spruce up your outfits but I wouldn't go too bold. Keep the pattern to a soft and minimal look. You can always add an accessory or layer it up. If you do want to go bold, that's perfect fine! I just wouldn't make it your only outfit, bring some options!


Keep in mind what you want to portray to your ideal clients. Consider your business feel and what you offer to clients. If you're a lawyer, you'll probably want firm, professional and overall a more serious vibe to your look. If you're in the market of all natural products, a more earthy, free spirited look might be your thing.


Another question I get is how many outfits you should bring to our session. I usually recommend no more than 3 or 4. Depending on how long our session is, it might be difficult to get all the outfits you want. Another thing to consider is where we'll be shooting. There might not be easy access to a changing room.


When choosing your outfits, bring one formal, one casual, and one somewhere in between like business casual. You can reuse accessories and coats or blazers for more than one outfit. Also, adding different shoe options to dress an outfit up or down can add more versatility to your session. Remember to dress from head to toe!