Navigating your gallery can be a little confusing...

When you first get your email that your photos are ready and try to log in, you might find it a little confusing. So let's break it down for you.

At the very least, this gallery is where you will go to view all your photos from our session. Here you will also be able to pick your favorites for your final selection, download, purchase prints, cards, albums, and so much more!

It's important to note: viewing and exploring the gallery will be much easier on a desktop screen. Mobile devices may be difficult to navigate through.

So let's start from the top.

The Email

The first step is signing in. When the gallery is done I will send you an email invite including a link, password, and expiration date. The email you enter is important. It will be the same one that I send the gallery to you with. This email will have special access to the gallery:

  • Only clients are allowed to download from the galleries
  • Log in and out as you wish and still access your lists and carts
  • Clients are also allowed to hide certain images in the gallery so that when sharing with friends and family, some of the more private moments can be kept that way.

Next, you'll click on View Photos. This will open up a web page to the gallery where you will enter your email and the password provided.

Yay! You're In!

This is what your gallery will look like once you're in. Depending on the type if session you may or may not have folders categorizing different events, such as at weddings.


For weddings I like to separate each event into categories. It helps you (and I) stay organized within the gallery and make sense of the order of events. For portrait sessions, I almost never use this feature.

Print Store

Everything and anything you could think to buy is here. It has a super easy interface to help you create holiday cards, albums, and more.

Favorites List

Create multiple lists for yourself to come back to. Want some for an album, some for prints, and some for downloading? Using these Lists will do it all for you.

Your Favorites List

If your package came with a set number of images, this is where you will be making those selections. And again, this is why you'll need to use the same email I sent it to because you can log back in to access the same favorites list.

To select an image as Favorite, simply click on the heart icon of the image. When you do so, a green dot will appear on the Favorites Tab to show you have selected images.

Within the Favorites Tab you'll be able to create multiple lists. Some examples I've seen are lists for your included downloaded images, as well as any extras clients want to purchase, any images they want printed, and any they want to set aside for albums. Just click on + Create and name the list.

Then what?

Once you've gone through and made your lists and selections, you can share any lists with me! Once I receive the email, I will email you back with a download link. This is when using a desktop will be much easier. Most mobile devices cannot process Zip Files.

Downloading from the Gallery

Either Click on the Download Tab or the Download Icon on the image.

Enter your email to gain access to download either the entire gallery or single photos.

Select how to save your images.

Note: If you do not have the option to download, its because you must make your selection first and I will send you the image downloads.

The Print Store

Hovering over the the Print Store Tab will show you all the products available. To enter the store, just click on Print Store.

There's also a Quick Buy view when you click on the Cart Icon on the image.

Once you select your product, you get to start designing!

Super easy to use interface let's you be in charge of all the options available for your product.

If you need any further help I am happy to sit down with you and go over your gallery.